Text regarding award
Applicant must be a resident of Vina, worthy, talented, industrious and in financial need.  Applicant must be a member of the current graduating class (or a worthy prior graduate if additional funds are available).  The applicant must be attending a 4-year university, community college or an accredited trade school and have at least average grades.
Award amount varies
PROCEDURE FOR APPLICATION:  Use the S. R. PRITCHETT SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION ** Please include all required materials. NOTE: Scholarship Application MUST be typed.
Required Materials (to be included with all applications)
1. Page #1 – Cover sheet that includes the name of the scholarship and your name
3. Page #3 - Student resume or profile
4. Page #4 - Personal statement of educational & career goals (300-500 words)
5. Page #5 – New Applications: Attach an unofficial copy of your high school transcripts. Renewal Applications: Attach an unofficial transcript of your college/university transcripts.
6. Page #6 - Attach a letter of recommendation from school personnel
7. Page #7 - Attach a letter of recommendation from someone other than school personnel
8. Page #8– Completed signature page stating understanding all terms and conditions of scholarship (See LMHS Scholarship Book for examples and procedures for requesting letters)
** Note: Students or parents may include asealedexplanationof any special problems or unusual circumstances which make it difficult to contribute towards this student's continuing education.
AWARD SELECTION: Award recipient will be notified to attend the Vina Elementary School Graduation on June 5, 2024 at 7:00 pm.
Submit the completed application to the Los Molinos Unified District Office on or before May 27, 2024. (LMUSD, 7851 Hwy 99E, Los Molinos, CA96055) Late applications cannot be accepted.

Scholarship FAQ's and Information page 

Please refer to the following pages for application, scholarship terms and conditions and signature page