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Revised by the Scholarship Committee on March 15, 2020  
Text regarding award
The scholarship is to be awarded to worthy recipients who will pursue a course of study leading to a post secondary degree or certificate from a college, university, community college or vocational school. The school where such studies are to be pursed shall be accredited and/or approved by the appropriate State Department of Education.  
AWARD: Number of scholarships and Award amount varies year to year  
PROCEDURE FOR APPLICATION:  Use the COMMON APPLICATION  (Available online)  ** Please include all required materials Required Materials  
1. Page #1 – Cover sheet that includes the name of the scholarship and your name
3. Page #3 –Personal statement about yourself, long-term plans and goals, your achievements thus far in your education, and any obstacles or problems you have had to overcome so far in your life. Feel free to add any other information that you feel would help the scholarship committee make its decision.   (3 – 5 Paragraphs)
4. Page #4 - Attach an unofficial copy of your current 7 semester transcripts
5. Page #5 - Attach signed terms and conditions of scholarship rules   ** Note:  Students or parents may include a sealed explanation of any special problems or unusual circumstances which make it difficult to contribute towards this student's continuing education.    
The award recipient will be notified to attend the Los Molinos High School Scholarship Award Night on Tuesday, June 4, 2024, at 6:00 PM in the LMHS Gym.
DUE DATE: Submit the completed application to the Los Molinos Counseling Office on or before  April 15, 2024.  Late applications cannot be accepted.