Angelika Deno Memorial Scholarship

Angelika Deno
Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship fund was created in memory of Angelika Deno. Angelika Deno had a master in
science and major in Special Education. She landed her dream job as an Administrator/Program
Specialist of Special Schools Services at Tehama County Dept. Of Education in 2014. She was an
active member of the Immaculate Conception Church in Corning. Angelika was known in the
community for her fairness, dedication, friendship, sense of humor, passion, the betterment of
others, and selflessness. This award is an uncommon award. What makes this scholarship unique is
that when looking for the most deserving candidate, one must take the step and repeat aloud the
acronym "WWAD" What Would Angelika Do? Angelika would want her family to continue her
love, compassion and support for special needs. In establishing this scholarship, Angelika's family
wish to recognize the dedication to continued education, self-improvement and optimism
Application Requirements
● Applicants must be a Corning Union High School or LMHS graduating senior
● Applicants must have a documented learning disability
● Applicants must remit a completed scholarship application.
Scholarship Award and Payment
The scholarship will be paid out upon receipt of proof of the student’s enrollment in school.
Applicant essay
The applicant must submit a double-spaced typewritten essay of no less than 500 words
and no greater than 750 words. This essay should provide the following information:
● Information about yourself and your family
● Information about your learning disability, how it has affected your learning and
steps you have taken to overcome or compensate for these barriers to learning
● Information about what you plan to study and why
● Information about how this scholarship will help you meet your goals
Supplemental Information
Include a copy of you transcript
Application Deadline
All applications must be turned into the counseling office no later than April 15.
(Please Type or Print Legibly)
Name of Applicant
Street Number
City State Zip
Home Phone Cell Phone
Did you complete a FAFSA or DREAM Application? Yes No
If so, what was the EFC amount?
What career do you plan to pursue?
Why do you want to work in that field?
What school do you plan to attend?
Why do you want to go to that school?
What other information, if any, would you like to share about why we should offer you this
Submit this applications to the Counseling office no later than 3:30 PM on the last
Friday in April.
Award Selection: 
The award recipient will be notified to attend the Los Molinos High School Scholarship Award Night on Tuesday, June 4, 2024, at 6:00 PM in the LMHS Gym.