Talbott King Scholarship

Text regarding award
Applicant must have a 3.0 GPA during 10th thru 12th grades. Ability, leadership
and other personal characteristics are important.
Award amount varies
(Available on LMHS Scholarship Website) ** Please include all required materials
Required Materials (to be included with all applications)
1. Page #1 – Cover sheet that includes the name of the scholarship and your name
2. Page #2 - Completed Application
3. Page #3 - Student resume or profile
4. Page #4 - Personal statement of educational & career goals (300-500 words)
5. Page #5 - Attach an unofficial copy of your current 7 semester transcripts
6. Page #6 - Attach a letter of recommendation from school personnel
7. Page #7 - Attach a letter of recommendation from someone other than school personnel
(See LMHS Scholarship Website for examples and procedures for requesting letters)
** Note: Students or parents may include a sealed explanation of any special problems or
unusual circumstances which make it difficult to contribute towards this student's continuing
The award recipient will be notified to attend the Los Molinos High School Scholarship Award Night on Tuesday, June 4, 2024, at 6:00 PM in the LMHS Gym.
Submit the completed application to the Los Molinos Counseling Office on or before
April 15..
Late applications cannot be accepted.
In recognition of the past service of former Principal Mr. E.O. Talbott, and of the Teacher
and Dean of Girls, Mrs. Bertha King, this scholarship award shall be known as the
Talbott-King Scholarship Award.
Award Amount:
The award shall consist of a gift of $ 100.00 or more as may be determined by the
committee each year.
It is the hope that this award may be continued annually in perpetuity and serve as a
goal for aspiring students throughout their high school years and also be of material
assistance to some student each year who might otherwise find it impossible to
continue their education. In making this award, it is the belief that it is an investment,
which will be returned many folds not only to the individual but also to our society.
Use of Award:
The award may be used only to defray any expenses incident to the student's
attendance at a four year college, university, junior college, or professional, commercial,
or trade school, which is accredited and (or) approved by the State Department of
Education of the state wherein located or by another recognized authority at the
discretion of the scholarship directors.
Scholarship Eligibility:
Any senior who graduates from Los Molinos High School with at least a "B" average
(3.0 weighted GPA on a 4.0 scale) shall be eligible to apply and receive this award.
Scholarship Application:
Scholarship application forms may be secured from the Counseling Office of Los
Molinos High School. Completed application forms must be submitted to the
Counseling Office of Los Molinos High School no later than April 15th, of the year of
graduation in order for the applicant to be considered for this award. This submission
date may be changed to a later date if the Principal of the Los Molinos High School
deems it necessary.
Determination of Recipient:
A. Sources of information:
All available sources of information concerning each applicant will be considered,
including school records, employment or work experience records, letters of inquiry
and reference, personal knowledge concerning applicant and interview.
B. Evaluation criteria:
All applicants shall be evaluated on the basis of three criteria:
1. Ability: Based upon grade point average; recognized college or vocational
school standardized tests; extra curricular activities; community involvement; and
school faculty, organization and employer recommendations indicating the
student will likely pursue their goal by furthering their education.
2. Incentive assistance: This factor is the degree of encouragement and
assistance that will result from the award, toward the student's attainment of
additional educational opportunities. All pertinent information relative to the
student's desire to continue and to the other financial resources available to meet
the student's desire will be considered.
3. Other personal characteristics: Any other personal characteristics, such as
initiative, industry, persistence, leadership ability, personal and social adjustment,
and others which might affect student success will be considered. It is the
consensus that ability factors should receive prime consideration, with incentive
assistance and personal characteristic factors receiving secondary consideration.
C. Evaluation procedure:
The Principal of Los Molinos High School shall make available to the directors of
the scholarship fund all information (except confidential records) concerning each
applicant as soon after April 15th as possible. This information will be held in
strict confidence but will be circulated among the directors in order that they may
examine each applicant's records fully and completely, and make any further
inquiries they may desire.
Pre-screening of written applications shall be done when twelve or more
applicants apply to select ten students for interview.
Balloting shall continue until one candidate has a majority of the votes cast with
the lowest candidate being eliminated each time.
The scholarship committee shall be composed of the following Los Molinos High School
1.The principal and/or Superintendent of the Los Molinos High School.
2.Two teachers from Los Molinos High School.
3.Two members of the Los Molinos Unified School District Board of Trustees.
4.The counselor of Los Molinos High School.
5. Should a member of the scholarship committee be related to an applicant for the
scholarship, that committee member shall be excused from deliberations for that year.
Another member of the administration, faculty or member of the District Board of
Trustees is to be selected to take that individual's place on the scholarship committee.
6.Decisions rendered by the committee shall be final.
7.The scholarship committee may adopt additional rules and regulations or modify
existing rules and regulations providing that the basic intent of the fund, i.e. to assist
worthy students in acquiring a certificate or degree in a trade or vocational field, not be
Scholarship Sponsors:
All organizations interested in community service and youth welfare within the territory
served by Los Molinos High School are invited to become sponsors of this award.
Amended further to read as follows: "Admit established businesses of Los Molinos
Unified School District to be representatives of the Talbott-King Scholarship Committee
upon acceptance by the Scholarship Board of Directors." Date amended 5/20/70;
The present sponsor organizations are as follows:
Woman's Club, Chamber of Commerce, Tehama Lions Club, Veterans of Foreign Wars
Auxiliary, Kiwanis Club, and Methodist Women.
It is hoped that all will join in our effort to make this program a success. Individuals of
this community who, through their joint and individual efforts, give aid and support are
the real sponsors.
Board of Directors:
The president or appointed representative of each participating organization shall be a
member of the Board of Directors of the Talbott-King Scholarship Fund. The Principal of
Los Molinos High School and the Secretary of the school board shall also be members
of this board. The board of directors shall have full and complete powers respecting the
administration of all funds, the making of all awards, board membership, and all other
matters pertaining to the Talbott-King Scholarship Awards.
1. By-laws may be adopted by a majority vote of the directors. A quorum is a minimum
of five members of the current or future members and at least 2/3 of any number
exceeding 5 directors.
2. Each organization may raise its contribution in any way it may see fit.
3. The scholarship grant must be used the school year immediately following its award.
4. A Memorial Fund shall be established and all monies derived there from shall be
given to the Scholarship Fund.
5. An organization must have donated a minimum of $25.00 to the scholarship fund in
any given year to have their representative eligible to vote (to be reviewed annually).
6. To be eligible for an award, candidates must have at least a "B" average (3.0
weighted GPA on a 4.0 scale) during grades 10 through 12.
7. Payment of the scholarship shall be in two increments. One half shall be paid at the
beginning of the semester and one half upon completion of the semester. The
second half would not be paid if the semester is not completed. A semester and full
time student shall successfully complete 12 units of credit with a minimum 2.00 GPA.
Extension of time requested in writing by the student for unusual circumstances shall
be determined by the President who may or may not request a meeting of the