Head Varsity Footbal Coach- Daniel Gilbert
Athletic Director, to be announced for any questions-
please contact-(530)384-7900
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Los Molinos High School has numerous league titles and has 6 Northern Section CIF Section Championships.
  • 1982 Boys Basketball
  • 1985 Softball
  • 1995 Baseball
  • 2013 Volleyball
  • 2018 North Section VI Section Champions 
  • 2019 North Section V Section Champions
  • 2019 North Section V Playoff Contender
  • 2021 North Section V Playoff Contender
Our school looks forward to competing with integrity, pride and sportsmanship.

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Coaching Requirements 
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1. NFHS “Fundamentals of Coaching” Course and Certification- about 4 hours($50) 
Must also take and complete the free section on the CIF. ONE time only.  
2.NFHS “Concussion in Sports” Course and Certification-about 45 minutes-FREE THE CONCUSSION COURSE MUST BE RENEWED EVERY TWO (2) YEARS. 
3.NFHS “Sudden Cardiac Arrest-Signs and Symptoms” Course & Certification- about 12 minutes -FREE THE SCA COURSE MUST BE RENEWED EVERY TWO (2) YEARS. 
4.NFHS “Heat Illness (Acclimatization)” Course and Certification- about 30 minutes- FREE THE HEAT ILLNESS COURSE MUST BE RENEWED EVERY TWO (2) YEARS
5. CPR/First Aid Certification- Check with your District and/or AD to see if they accept online CPR/First aid. It must be renewed every two (2) years. 
6. TUBERCULOSIS CLEARANCE - A new TB survey may be obtained through the district screening process. Survey results are valid for four years. 
7. FINGERPRINTING - It is a state requirement to be fingerprinted. 
***You may NOT be at team activities OR begin ANY instruction with athletes until ALL items are completed and ALL documentation has been turned into your AD and/or School District.  

Start your certifications NOW! 


CPR Course Click Here