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LMHS Counseling Center
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Our mission is to assist students reach their full potential by providing academic, career and personal/social development.
On this site, you will find a collection of pages with information and direct links to websites you may find helpful while in high school and planning for life beyond Los Molinos High.
Ms. Melissa Melendrez
School Counselor, MSW PPS 384-7900 ext. 2106

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Students may only change classes during the first week of each semester. Please keep in mind that students may not always get the schedule of their choice due to class sizes and class changes are not always possible. Students who would like to make a schedule change need to have a plan for how they would like their schedule to be changed along with a valid and legitimate reason for making the change. The counselor will be an integral part of this process and will ensure students are selecting classes that are appropriate for their ability as well as satisfying graduation requirements.
For Fall 2022 class changes may be requested between August 10, 2022 to August 24, 2022.
To request a schedule change:
  •   Pick up a “Counseling Office Sign-in Form” located at the front office. Along with a “2022-2023 Class Schedule”.
  •   Fill out the “Counseling Office Sign-in Form”. Select the classes you would like to enroll in on the “2022-2023 Class Schedule”.
  •   Drop off both forms at the front office.
  •   Counselor will contact you regarding your updated class schedule. 
  •   Schedule changes will be by appointment only.