LMHS Diploma Requirements

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Credits - Earn a minimum of 230 credits. Each course taken for one semester will earn 5 credits. Students must be
enrolled in 7 courses each semester, for a total of 35 credits earned each semester and 70 credits per year. Teachers Aid
courses will receive credits and a pass/fail grade, not a letter grade and will not calculate into the GPA. All other courses
will receive a letter grade.
Senior Project Seminar – Students are required to take the Senior Project Seminar Class during their senior year and
successfully complete its requirements, which include a portfolio, research papers, and creating a calendar plan for
beyond high school. 
English (9-12 grade)  4 years / 40 credits
Fine Arts/Foreign Language  1 year / 10 credits
Algebra 1 or equivalent  1 year / 10 credits
Mathematics  2 years/20 credits
Physical Education  2 years/20 credits
9th Grade Core (Drivers Ed., Career Education, Computers & Heath)  1 year/10 credits
Life Science  1 year/10 credits
Physical Science  1 year/10 credits
Science  1 year/10 credits
World History (10th grade)  1 year/10 credits
US History (11th grade)  1 year/10 credits
Government (12th grade)  1 semester/5 credits
Economics (12th grade)  1 semester/5 credits
Senior Seminar  1 year/10 credits
Electives  Remaining 50 credits
Total Required for Graduation  230 Credits